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Bee Removal in Johannesburg

Needing to make use of a bee removal service in Johannesburg is a more common occurrence than one may think. Johannesburg is dense with foliage of all varieties and in the summer months the proliferation of flowering plants and trees attract bird and insect life in abundance. Bees are among the most common and they travel in the largest numbers, often settling in awkward places. Bee removal truly is the only efficient way in which to clear the usurped space, both of unwanted bees and of the hive and any mess it may create.

Bees build their hives using wax which they create themselves, the hives will house larvae and store large quantities of honey. While bees in a natural, outdoor habitat will locate the hive where it will be cool and safe, the suburbs are a different scenario. Bee hives under awnings, in garden sheds or pool pumps are a common occurrence in built-up areas, making bee removal a precautionary necessity.

If you ever needed a bee removal specialist in Johannesburg you are looking in the right place.

As it happens in nature, so too will it happen anywhere else. Bees have a selection of natural predators and hangers on, flies, ants, beetles and even mice, which all have one thing in common: the taste for honey. While this may be a facet of everyday life for the bees, these predators would usually be considered pests by humans because of damage they cause in to man-made structures. Bee removal will mean avoidance of other pests and fewer headaches.

Making use of a bee removal expert in Johannesburg, and avoiding the exterminator not only means that the bees are removed, but also that they are not harmed.

Bee Removal

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We are leaders in the field of removing bees humanely in the Johannesburg area and our Bee Removal Team has earned their stripes in bee removal; through time, experience and dedication.

Clearing your garden or workspace of bees so that you can continue your routine safely does not need to mean extermination of the bee colony. Bee removal, if practiced humanely will mean that they are cleared from your space and given a new home, usually in a setting away from the city where there is sufficient space, water and sources of food for the colony.

Removing bees humanely is not only about minimizing any kind of cruelty, it is also imperative that bees are kept alive and nurtured, to prevent their numbers from dwindling further.

Our bee removal process includes collecting the bees and their queen from their hive without killing them and housing them in a new hive, on a farm where they can continue about the business of being bees unhindered.

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Never try to remove bees on your own. Spraying with water, setting alight, manhandling the hive; These are all sure-fire ways to agitate them. Often bee swarm and sting because their peace has been shattered by individuals who do not have the knowledge or experience to safely remove the bees.

Help is a phone call away. Bee removal experts have the right equipment and protective clothing along with knowledge and bee removal experience to prevent any harm coming to themselves or the bees.

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  • We dont poison bees, we remove bees
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