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Bee Exterminators in Johannesburg

Bee exterminators in Johannesburg are few and far between. That is because while an uninvited colony of bees can be rather pesky, they are by no means pests. In fact, the benefits of having bees around far outweighs the possibility of being stung.

Gardens in Johannesburg, for the most part, in summer and often in winter are lush and filled with various flowering plants and vegetables. Both vegetables and flowers need pollination to take place, and bees facilitate this and in turn are rewarded with pollen for food. It follows then, that the number of bees will increase in proportion to the presence of food. Unfortunately, while we can accommodate bees with breakfast, a bed is seldom forthcoming.

Because of our ultimate dependence on bees, people have become more tolerant and certainly more humane in their approach to dealing with bees. Thus, bee exterminators in Johannesburg are having a hard time making ends meet.

The effects of exterminating bees have further reaching consequences than simply freeing someone from a nuisance. The chemicals used to exterminate bees are lethal to a horde of other insects and small animals. Run-off from these poisons can permeate the ground, killing soil dwellers and eventually reach ground water which is constantly fighting the battle against pollution.

Extermination, it seems, has further devastating consequences than the immediate relief we employ these methods for. Bee extermination should be avoided at all costs, even as a last resort.

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We are not bee exterminators; we just remove bees

In our effort to preserve the integrity of the hive site, and the lives of the bees we choose to avoid bee exterminators and try our utmost to remove all the bees along with any honeycomb and honey from the site with as little disruption to the routine of the bees and that of our clients.

Bees will follow their queen, and once we have managed to safely capture her, they will follow her into the new hive without any displays of aggression.

Understanding bees, the hive ethic and their role in nature allows us to appreciate them and encourages us in our endeavors to keep the bees alive. Fear on the other hand is often the leading cause behind choosing to use a bee exterminator, and in so doing minimizing the potential rewards of a safe removal.

It is important to remember that a phone call to a bee remover requires the same effort as a phone call to a bee exterminator, but the rewards are so much greater.

A bee exterminator will spray poison, which has its attendant problems, and leave, meaning you will need to do the cleaning. When a bee-hive is removed, we take all the bees and remove all traces of honey and honeycomb and will advise you on how to prevent a future bee colony from settling in the same space.

We do not poison bees, we relocate them

Because our survival regarding foodstuff is so closely tied to bees by way of pollination, it essential that we do our utmost to keep them alive. Not only is it the humane thing to do but the consequences of bee extermination are further reaching than our own immediate comfort. Therefore, we do not poison bees, we relocate them.