bee removal cost

Bee Removal Cost

One may think that paying to have bees removed is an unnecessary expense, the cost of which can be saved by doing the bee removal yourself. If you have never been in the position where you need to remove a colony of bees from your roof or garden shed, in fact anywhere; and decide to do this on your own, you will be paying a larger price for bee removal than expected.

Inexperience will lead you to use ineffective equipment and because you do not remove bees on a regular basis the chances that protective gear is available are virtually zero. Being stung by a bee is no laughing matter, and if you manager to get a swarm of bees angry the stings could be lethal. So why take a chance and end up paying the ultimate price for bee removal when there is another option.

We have on occasion arrived for a bee removal job and found that someone has tried, unsuccessfully to remove the bees using methods which are ill advised. Damaged property, waterlogged ceilings, broken tiles, all of which could have been avoided all adding to the cost of a professional bee removal.

The cost of effective Bee Removal in Johannesburg is negligible when one considers the skill and experience that we bring when bees are to be removed. We have paid our own costs in the bee removal industry through experience, sometimes frightening, sometimes educational but always successful.

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Bee Removal prices

Because of the number frequency with which bees need to be removed, there has been an increase in the number of bee removal companies operating in the Johannesburg area. This brings with it a healthy amount of competition and of course rival prices for a bee removal.

The best price for a bee removal is not always cheapest. Experience and passion for the task is worth its weight in gold. On the practical side, the price of a bee removal will also include distance travelled, equipment required and time spent doing the job.

The ultimate price of a bee removal is often raised through inexperience and lack of knowledge, for example; Someone thinks they can save money by doing the bee removal themselves and they end up with an enormous repair bill. For our peace of mind, give us a call for professional bee removal. For your peace of mind, discuss your needs with us and determine the cost of the bee removal.